Great Ecology – Environmental Industry

The Challenge

greatecology-thumbGreat Ecology routinely reported computer and network problems to their previous Managed IT Service Provider. At the hand of their previous service provider, servers were misconfigured and ultimately led to costly downtime between all 4 of their nationwide offices. Great Ecology reported the loss of connectivity and server functionality on numerous instances that negatively impacting mission-critical processes company-wide. Connectivity issues continually forced Great Ecology to use workarounds, which lessened the effectiveness and efficiency of collaborative projects between offices.

Several months passed with unsatisfactory service from the selected Managed IT Service Provider. It was after much frustration and continued inability to perform the agreed upon IT related tasks, Great Ecology was forced to cancel their service agreement and move all IT related services to AMA Net-works. AMA’s initial task was to carefully recover, restore and optimize Great Ecology’s IT infrastructure from the damage committed by the previous service provider.

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