Long accepted as one of the most well-known and widely loved parts of San Diego County, Coronado is a major destination for those travelling to California (and for good reason). The island features some truly spectacular sights and experiences as well as a strong economy and a sizable influence on American popular culture.

Follow this list and you’ll see a brief collection of reasons that Coronado Island is considered one of the top areas in San Diego. Before long, you may find yourself wanting to move there too!


The geographic landscape of Coronado Island is one of its most exciting and appealing qualities. Forming a peninsula, the city is popularly known for its connection to the rest of California by the Silver Strand.

One of its most beloved geographic features is its climate, which, much like the rest of San Diego, is pleasant and comfortable the entire year.

Coronado Bridge

Another distinctive feature of the city is Coronado Bridge, a steel girder bridge that connects Coronado Island to the rest of the county by moving over the San Diego Bay. Constructed in 1926, this bridge remains a testament to the ingenuity and creative spirit of the entire area.


Coronado’s economy is both strong and diverse, with a wide range of top employers in the city. For example, one of the main employers of Coronado’s population is the United States Navy (no surprise to those familiar with San Diego’s extensive military history!), while another top employer is the Loews Coronado Bay Resort.


The history of the island and its bridge is, in many ways, as interesting as its modern and more recent progress and development. Incorporated in 1890, the city became a popular tourist destination beginning in the 1900’s (a trend that continued to the present day.)

Another intriguing era in the city’s history is the period from 1910 to 1939, where streetcars were widely used and run throughout all of Coronado.

Pop Culture

Coronado has had a major and lasting impact on American popular culture that is almost impossible to overstate.

Some brief examples of this phenomenon include the number of musicians and bands originating from the area, businesses and leaders of commerce who got their start on the island, and important military figures who called Coronado home!

Famous People

And speaking of famous people, there are several contenders for Coronado’s most notable residents. Among this prestigious list you can find former American Vice President Dick Cheney, movie producer Lisa Bruce, silent actress Anita Page, and many more.

Whether they’re celebrities or major figures in international politics, there is a long list of highly known people hailing from Coronado!


In terms of its population’s demographics, Coronado has a somewhat diverse crowd of residents, though it tends toward a wealthier population (in no small part due to the price of real estate in the area).

To put it simply, if you’re thinking of moving here, it might be best to have some money saved up!