What To Look For When Choosing A Small Business IT Support Company

small business IT support

As a business owner there are many things to manage, from employees and payroll to managing leads and making sales.  Dealing with your computer systems shouldn’t add to that list – especially if you’re not a “tech” type person.  Choosing a small business IT support company to handle your IT needs can take a lot off your plate; you’ll improve your workflow, save time, and have less to think about.

Picking out an IT company shouldn’t be a hassle, however it can get overwhelming to someone that is not familiar with the field.  Here are a few key things to look for in a potential IT company for your business.

Look At The Size Of The Company

When it comes to IT services you’ll want to make sure you choose a company that is large enough to offer a full spectrum of services, but not so big that you’ll get lost in the shuffle of a faceless corporation.  “One man shop” type companies might be able to get you started, but as your business grows you may want to expand your IT.  This means you might have to hire another company if the company you started with is too small to accommodate you.  Ensure that the IT company you choose is able to offer an array of solutions.

Decide What Type Of Services You Need

Will you need 24/7 support for your business?  Will you be adding VOIP?  Are you a medical service provider that needs HIPPA certified security?  Make a list of key services that you will need from your IT company before contacting companies.  You don’t need to have a complete list, but having a few key necessities prepared will get you started when contacting potential small business IT support companies.  Questions to ask a potential IT company can also include what they might recommend for your business.  Sometimes you might not even know there is a potential IT solution for a certain pain point in your current setup!

Location, Location, Location

Many times a good IT support company can resolve any issues or emergencies remotely.  However, there may come a time when they will have to send an engineer out to your site.  If you hire a company that is hours away, you’ll have to wait that much longer to get help.  Choosing a company that is within at least an hour drive is a good idea.  For example, if you’re in the city of San Diego, choosing a San Diego IT support company would be smarter than choosing one based in Orange County or Los Angeles.


You can ask any IT company for client references before you hire them.  Many companies obtain clients through word of mouth, and asking around can yield key information on which companies provide good service vs which companies are less than stellar.  Most companies that have a good client base will be more than happy to provide case studies and client contact information.  One big question to ask these references would be how the potential IT company reacted to any emergency support problems – this is a big factor to consider and can separate good companies from bad ones.

Trust Your Gut

What kind of a feeling do you get when interacting with the companies that you’re interviewing?  Do they seem professional and willing to put you first as a customer?  Or do they seem to have an agenda, trying to upsell you on services without taking a personalized approach?  These are important elements.  Don’t let yourself get sold on a flashy company that won’t give you personalized service.  If you set up a personal meeting with a potential company and go to their offices, you can also get a better sense of how you’ll gel with them as well as get a sense of the company’s overall organization and morale.  IT support is a large part of any business, so make sure you are comfortable with the company you choose.

At AMA Networks we strive to provide customized services to San Diego area businesses without pressuring them to upgrade or spend more money.  We put our customers first and ensure they get the best care possible.  If you need managed IT services give us a call today to get your free assessment!