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AMA Networks Case Study Series

Vault Storage Industry

BlueVault - Case Study Series

About BlueVault

BlueVault was founded by Jon Sandhaus in 2010. It is primarily a safe deposit box and vault storage facility in a very high security location. They are the center for securing anything important and they store a wide range of valuables, whether they are personal or business property. They also allow customers to buy or sell gold and silver bullion, or invest in a Gold IRA.  Mr. Sandhaus says BlueVault is a unique business that serves a niche market and it’s an extremely high security place that is also very consumer friendly. Normally those two things don’t go together. They bring a high security option to the public and also make it enjoyable for them. Within their 90-ton vault they rent a range of sizes from small safe deposit boxes all the way up to closet-sized vault storage units. They have also quickly become San Diego’s largest precious metals dealer.

"I feel we have a trusted and working partner to take us forward as we expand throughout the state and country..."
Jon Sandhaus
Founder, BlueVault

The Challenge

BlueVault handles very valuable goods and they provide the best quality customer service. They wanted to hire an IT company that would reflect their attitude and provide the best service possible. “We wanted to upgrade our network to the highest levels of security available to us. Our previous managed IT Company was not up to our standards. Our business revolves around IT, it’s very important work we do so we need to maintain the best service,” Mr. Sandhaus explained. BlueVault is expanding into multiple sites, so they needed a strategy on how to build out and protect a multi-site system. They knew they needed to hire a company they could truly trust.

The Solution

They decided to hire AMA Networks to ensure all of their IT needs were covered. “AMA Networks was very knowledgeable and very responsive right from the beginning. Their availability was very high and they helped us develop a vision for the future that made sense. They didn’t just fix one technical thing. A few things needed to be tweaked and improved. Devices that weren’t working 24/7 and some installations needed to be fixed. What impressed us more was their vision for how we should move forward and precisely how to accomplish that. We’re about to expand to several locations. I feel we have a trusted strategic partner to take us forward as we expand throughout the state and country, so to me that’s an extremely valuable thing. That’s where the importance lies.”

“I would certainly recommend them to clients because of their technical abilities, their attention to the client, and their ability to fix the problem no matter what it takes. All of these are very important. Since we’ve launched our company we were well aware of the centrality of IT in the operation and future success of our company. We’ve been searching for a smart, reliable, and trustworthy IT partner and we spoke to a lot of people. But AMA Networks was head and shoulders above the rest.”

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