VOIP Solutions For Your Business

Looking for a business VOIP system? Do you have questions?

VOIP (Voice of Internet Protocol or Voice over IP or Internet Telephone) is technology that enables both voice communication and multimedia to operate over the Internet rather than relying on traditional phone lines. It provides businesses and organizations with real-time communications tools such as calling, faxing, voice messaging, chat, and text messaging.  All of this is conducted over your existing internet connection rather than via “old school” public switch telephone networks or PSTN.

The world of business communications is becoming smaller and more fast paced by the day.  In order to keep up with competition and stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be able to unify your communications systems.  VOIP solutions enable you to have access to business phone lines, voice mail, and other important tools at the office or at home, anytime and anywhere.

A good VOIP service will enable business owners to expand their ability to conduct transactions with clients, provide better customer service, and will smoothly integrate mobile phone lines, fax, email, and even video conferencing.  This gives businesses much more control compared to traditional phone lines. 

VOIP phone systems also take advantage of current mobile technology and allows your business to increase flexibility and not be restrained to the office.

Is your current telephone system outdated or driving your costs through the roof?  Do you need greater flexibility in where and when you and your employees can use business lines? 

With the right VOIP system businesses can easily add phone lines, control access and monitoring, and reduce costs.

What Our Clients Say:

We have definitely improved since hiring AMA Networks! Not only are they incredibly capable at what they do but they’re very professional and friendly. They understand business and the need to be operating as soon as possible if something goes wrong.
Bryan Addis
General Manager, Glen Ivy Golf Course
AMA Networks has never let me down. They respond in a timely manner, and they are quick with ideas...They have an amazing backup and recovery system in place — anyone who doesn’t use good data backup will at some point suffer the consequences.
Jim Madaffer
Owner and CEO, Madaffer Enterprises

Reduce Your Costs - Get More For Your Money - Get More Done

Let AMA Networks assist you in setting up a VOIP solution for your business.  It’s extremely cost effective and is suitable for any size company. 

Some of the capabilities that VOIP can offer vs standard phone lines:

  • Unlimited long distance as well as local calling
  • Ability to track usage
  • Help Desk support in the event of any issues
  • Toolbar assisted control panels enable a variety of end-user controls
  • Ability to field calls on your cell phone whenever you want – nobody will know you aren’t in the office
  • Voice and data are hosted with reliable and secure infrastructure
  • 100% migration assistance from any existing phone systems for ease of transition
  • Fax to email capabilities

Some of the benefits of VoIP:

  • Economical – Greatly reduced operating costs
  • User Friendly and Easy to Use
  • Increased user productivity
  • Dependable – hosted and monitored 24×7
  • Convenient – Answer calls away from the office on your laptop or mobile devices
  • Ease and flexibility in expansion and growth

Two Managed VOIP Options

Hosted/Cloud Based –AMA Networks can host your VOIP system in the cloud, eliminating the need for a dedicated server on site.  All data backups are done offsite in the cloud, and monitoring and maintenance is handled for you offsite.  This is a great solution for smaller companies or those not looking to extend a lot of capital on a VOIP system.

Dedicated/On Site — If you need a more robust system and more control over your communications system, then a self-hosted VOIP system is the way to go.  Although maintenance and equipment will need to be maintained onsite and there’s a bigger upfront cost, it gives larger companies the flexibility and capabilities they will need.

Free Assessment

If you’re looking for a San Diego VOIP specialist, let AMA Networks give you a free assessment today and help you decide what VOIP solution is best for your company.  As your local San Diego IT Support specialists, we are dedicated to providing you with the best VOIP options available.