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Schools today are faced with the challenge of balancing tight budgets with the need for new technology.  Ensuring that school IT systems are both secure, intuitive, and up to date is a constantly changing task that can challenge in-house IT staff for schools. 

AMA Networks can provide cost effective and scalable IT services for schools in San Diego and Southern California that need managed solutions for whatever challenges may arise.  Whether it’s ensuring security protocols are up to date and meet critical educational compliances, setting up a robust data backup solution, or integrating new technology to enhance the classroom, we can help.

Education is near and dear to us at AMA Networks.  CEO Amir Hadziosmanovic is on the technology board at the Thurgood Marshall and Chula Vista school districts, and has offered his consultation services to Eastlake High about WiFi replacement and upgraded security.  We strive to offer not only the best service, but also to ensure that our solutions are designed to help your school grow, flourish, and develop passionate students.

Streamlined Classrooms

With the right technology the interactions between students, teachers, faculty, and parents can be fostered and nourished.  Administrative spending can also be reduced by utilizing technology to streamline tasks.  We can help you upgrade to the latest in educational infrastructure to ensure that your school is on the cutting edge.

By utilizing new tech resources schools can enhance the learning experience and enrich the minds of their students.

Backup Solutions And Data Safety

Ensuring that data backup and recovery solutions are in place is a critical step in all industries, especially education.  Whether data is lost through a hack, physical drive failure, or natural disaster, it’s important to ensure that all information is safely backed up.  With an adequate data backup plan minimal time will be lost in the event of a failure.

“Backing up important data and files is like insurance, you don’t think about it until you need it, but when you need it it’s critical. It’s a terrible sinking feeling when you lose something you’ve worked hard on so having backups gives you peace of mind,” says Operations Director of Great Ecology Jessa Spainhower, a client of AMA Networks.  Read more about how AMA Networks helped Great Ecology manage a large multi-city network, yet remain accessible enough to respond quickly to employee requests for help.

Security And Access Controls

Ensuring that your school’s IT network is secure is a very important task, and school networks must be up to compliance.  AMA Networks can ensure that your network meets or exceeds these standards, while ensuring that staff, student, and administration roles are all separate and secure.

IT security is a commonly outsourced service due to the ever-changing nature of threats and the need to stay as up to date as possible.  Staying on top of trends in security protocol is our specialty and something we do not take lightly.

Equipment And Hardware

Should your school need new servers or other equipment, you can trust AMA Networks to provide you with an array of solutions to fit any budget.  Keeping costs down is a huge concern for schools, and we understand the importance of ensuring that valuable education funds are not wasted on unnecessary hardware.  We can work with you to ensure that IT needs are met without excessive spending.

If you’re unsure whether you need to upgrade your hardware we can offer a free consultation to discuss your options.

What Our Clients Say:

AMA Networks is extremely proactive in offering advice and suggestions, as well as making everybody in our team comfortable with our software to work efficiently.
Nancy Cook
CFO, Douglas Wilson Companies
We’ve been searching for a smart, reliable, and trustworthy IT partner and we spoke to a lot of people. But AMA Networks was head and shoulders above the rest.
Jon Sandhaus
Founder, BlueVault

Your San Diego Educational IT Solutions Team

AMA’s IT solutions for schools and educational facilities establish and protect separate and secure networks while providing top-level IT support. IT services include:

  • Secure network separation (students, teachers, administration)
  • Setup restricted access levels
  • Regular network testing for penetration and security threats
  • IT infrastructure support and services
  • Data backup plans
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Upgrading hardware without excessive spending
  • 24/7 Support

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