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San Diego B2B And Professional Services IT Support. We Make Sure Your Business IT Works Around The Clock.

From B2B Professional Services to cleaning companies and more, AMA Networks provides IT support for various local San Diego businesses. AMA provides IT infrastructure including printers, scanners, servers, and software.

We know how important it is to ensure that your IT solutions are always up and running.  Downtime can be costly and disruptive and cost you potential clients.  IT security has become more and more complex as technology increases.  Don’t waste time trying to do it all yourself – outsource your IT needs to AMA Networks for the best and most cost-effective results.

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Eliminate Downtime And Upgrade With Confidence

Whether you’re starting a business or need to upgrade an existing IT system, you can be confident that AMA Networks will provide you with a solid and cost-effective strategy to consolidate and streamline your IT system.  We can help save companies money and power consumption by consolidating old servers.  And if you’re just starting a new business AMA Networks will ensure that your IT server system is secure and future-proof for years to come without having to spend an arm and a leg on unnecessary upsells.

“AMA Networks offered us great options that were cost effective and they had the quality of service that we needed. Everything is very organized and they have set us up to be very self-sufficient. They have set up networking diagrams for each office so we have a reference available if there’s an issue. They truly educate and empower their clients,” says Jessa Spainhower, Operations Manager for Great Ecology.

Click here to see how AMA Networks stepped in and took over for a lackluster previous IT company and helped Great Ecology be self-sufficient and eliminate costly downtime.

Improve Security And Ensure Compliance

Even smaller businesses need to ensure that their IT security is up to compliance standards for payment systems as well as any other industry related standards.  AMA Networks takes IT security extremely seriously and works to stay on the cutting edge of the latest security improvements and technology.  Whether you have a small cleaning business or a large B2B organization, security standards are important.

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Ensure Backup And Disaster Recovery Plans Are In Place

Often overlooked, data recovery plans and backup systems are extremely important.  Many smaller businesses put this off indefinitely in favor of more pressing needs, but after a while it often comes back to haunt them.  Ensure that your company is protected adequately from data breaches, hacks, and system failures with a secure and stable plan.

AMA Networks emphasizes that this is one of the most important aspects of having a solid IT system in place.  Let us handle your backup and data protection plan so you can rest easy.

What Our Clients Say:

AMA Networks offered us great options that were cost effective and they had the quality of service that we needed. Everything is very organized and they have set us up to be very self-sufficient.
Jessa Spainhower
Operations Manager, Great Ecology
AMA Networks did an incredible job securely handling over 100 million dollars worth of sensitive data. Without any hesitation, we recommend their work.
Geno Rodriguez
Managing Director, E3 Advisors

Focus On Your Business With 24/7 Support

It’s hard enough running a business, but adding the stress of trying to do all of your own IT management yourself can be overwhelming.   This is where hiring a managed IT firm to help offload some of the responsibility can be more cost effective than doing it yourself.  Managed IT companies are more efficient, will set up your company with the right architecture, and make better use of your technological resources and budget.

AMA provides the best standards of work with friendly service you can trust.  Let us handle it:

  • Secure networks to protect sensitive client data
  • Regular network security testing
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Software support & maintenance
  • Hardware upgrades
  • 24/7 Support

With AMA Networks, businesses get peace of mind knowing their IT is covered.  Call today to get a free assessment and learn how we can help your business succeed!

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