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Great Ecology

AMA Networks Case Study Series

Environmental Industry

Great Ecology - Case Study Series

About Great Ecology

Great Ecology is an environmental consulting firm that operates out of San Diego, New York City, and Denver. They focus on the restoration, planning and design of natural and urban environments through sustainable solutions. For the past few years Jessa Spainhower has been the Operations Director and manages various projects to ensure continuity in business operations. Ms. Spainhower understands the importance of keeping Great Ecology’s data and files safe for both their clients as well as the employees.

"AMA Networks offered us great options that were cost effective and they had the quality of service that we needed. Everything is very organized and they have set us up to be very self-sufficient."
Jessa Spainhower
Operations Manager

The Challenge

Great Ecology formerly worked with another Managed IT firm, but their service wasn’t upholding to the standards they required. “A few months after signing with another company, we realized everything was failing. For a while there was a real possibility and fear of data loss. Our servers were not syncing and they couldn’t login into our firewalls to manage them. We do consulting, so any downtime we have is revenue lost, as with most businesses. If the servers are down and people can’t access the reports they’re working on we’re unable to bill those hours and we lose revenue,” Ms. Spainhower explained. Great Ecology’s files weren’t backed up or configured as properly as they needed to be under the former Managed IT provider.

The Solution

Ms. Spainhower was referred to AMA Networks by a former colleague and quickly reached out to them for help. “AMA Networks offered us great options that were cost effective and they had the quality of service that we needed. Everything is very organized and they have set us up to be very self-sufficient. They have set up networking diagrams for each office so we have a reference available if there’s an issue. They truly educate and empower their clients.” Great Ecology operates three separate offices so ensuring their files are accessible for all employees and that they are properly backed up is critical. “Backing up important data and files is like insurance, you don’t think about it until you need it, but when you need it it’s critical. It’s a terrible sinking feeling when you lose something you’ve worked hard on so having backups gives you peace of mind.”

AMA Networks stays in consistent contact with their clients in order to maintain the best quality of service. “One time our marketing manager was cleaning up her computer and she accidentally deleted a file that she needed, she emailed AMA Networks and within ten minutes they were able to recover it. It was fantastic. I consider AMA Networks an extension of our company and they also treat our company as their own.” Ms. Spainhower explained that before they partnered with AMA Networks she used to spend up to 30 hours a week working on IT issues, and it was quite stressful since her time is better spent elsewhere. Now she rarely has to think about their IT service. “I have recommended AMA Networks to others because they provide top notch service. They are very quick to reply and I trust them completely. Sometimes they will fix an issue before we even know there is a problem. They really care about our company and we’re extremely happy with our service.”

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