Great Ecology – Environmental Industry

The Challenge Great Ecology routinely reported computer and network problems to their previous Managed IT Service Provider. At the hand of their previous service provider, servers were misconfigured and ultimately led to costly downtime between all 4 of their nationwide offices. Great Ecology reported the loss of connectivity and server functionality on numerous instances that negatively […]

Douglas Wilson Companies

– The Challenge Douglas Wilson Companies had their IT infrastructure in place, but the hardware and software was nearing end of life cycle. Dealing with the top financial institutions and large corporations, demands them to take advantage of technological advancements and improve upon their own IT Security consistently. Click Here For Full Case Study

The Mitchell Group

_ The Challenge Mr. Mitchell focuses on his work and is kept very busy serving his clients. He is an expert in real estate but he is not trained in IT so he knew he needed to hire a reliable company to handle his computer and software needs. “It’s very important for my company, and […]

National Copy Cartridge

– The Challange Mr. Meyers explained he was originally doing everything regarding IT himself. He built his own servers, established his network and did the physical infrastructure. This was taking up a lot of his valuable time and he reached a point when he knew he needed to hire an external managed IT company. “I […]

BlueVault Secure Storage Industry

– The Challenge BlueVault handles very valuable goods and they provide the best quality customer service. They wanted to hire an IT company that would reflect their attitude and provide the best service possible. “We wanted to upgrade our network to the highest levels of security available to us. Our previous managed IT Company was […]

Glen Ivy Golf Course

– The Challenge Mr. Addis explained that they have multiple work stations so their POS system has to be maintained, as well as several different servers. “It’s outside the scope of what my capabilities as general manager are. I have a basic knowledge but I’m not trained in IT.” He knew they needed to hire […]

E3 Advisors – Real Estate Management

– The Challenge Because of the often time sensitive nature of their work, and projects that often start with many unknowns, it is extremely important for E3 Advisors to have reliable and secure managed IT. Mr. Rodriguez was looking for a company to handle their wide range of IT needs. “Our work is project based, […]

Great Ecology

The Challenge Great Ecology formerly worked with another Managed IT firm, but their service wasn’t upholding the standards they required. “A few months after signing with another company, we realized everything was failing. For a while, there was a real possibility and fear of data loss. Our servers were not syncing and they couldn’t log […]

Madaffer Enterprises

_ The Challenge When he started his consulting business, Mr. Madaffer handled all IT needs and issues himself. As the company grew, he quickly realized there were not enough hours in a day to do everything himself. He needed to hire an IT expert. “We were looking for a company that would be easy to […]