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The Mitchell Group

AMA Networks Case Study Series

Real Estate Industry

The Mitchell Group - Case Study Series

About The Mitchell Group

The Mitchell Group, founded by Tigg Mitchell, is a full service real estate firm based out of San Diego. They deliver brokerage management, development services and real estate transactions. Mr. Mitchell has been in the real estate business for 24 years and has formed many great business relationships. They believe that their clients’ needs are paramount and they promise to provide unparalleled handson customer service.

"I have referred several other clients and colleagues to AMA Networks because they are very cost effective and reliable."
Tigg Mitchell
Founder, The Mitchell Group

The Challenge

Mr. Mitchell focuses on his work and is kept very busy serving his clients. He is an expert in real estate but he is not trained in IT so he knew he needed to hire a reliable company to handle his computer and software needs. “It’s very important for my company, and any company, to have good data backup and recovery. I’ve lost computers before and it can be very stressful. In today’s world everyone needs to have a proficient IT service to help or you could really suffer the consequences,” Mr. Mitchell explained.

“I own a small company so there isn’t enough revenue to have an IT individual on staff. I knew I wanted to outsource so I could call them when I needed them. I am very concerned about backup because computers crash, get broken and get lost all of the time. If you lose your data you’re back at square one. At a minimum that would be a ton of time lost or even potential revenue lost.”

The Solution

Mr. Mitchell hired AMA Networks to take care of everything IT related from day one of starting up his company four years ago. “They helped me set everything up initially and they continually service my hardware and software. They created a data backup system that has been very beneficial for me. One time while travelling my luggage was lost with my computer inside it. I had all of my data backed up with AMA Networks, so I simply got a new laptop and I was able to retrieve all of my files back very quickly. It would have been devastating if I had lost everything.”

AMA Networks is always on call and will respond quickly, and Mr. Mitchell says that’s a key point for him. AMA Networks promises security of data, fast recovery of lost data and the covering of most of the software-intensive aspects of business, such as IT security, data recovery, network support, and virtualization. We then provide continual IT consulting to assist with planning for immediate and future considerations, and fit all of this into your budget with fair and consistent rates.

“I have referred several other clients and colleagues to AMA Networks because they are very cost effective and reliable. In my opinion, in the IT world, if you aren’t trained you can’t know how long it will take for them to finish a job. You need to trust the company completely and I trust AMA because they are honest, quick and have never let me down.”

With AMA Networks’ Managed IT Services, your company can enjoy all of the benefits of an in-house IT team without any of the financial and organizational downside. Call us today!

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