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San Diego Healthcare IT: Protecting Patient & Doctor Information

Healthcare IT is even more important than ever.  With increasing demands for security compliance as well as the implementation of patient portals connecting doctors with their patients, having a good IT team to rely on is key.

A healthcare company’s IT solutions can affect patient care tremendously – from proper EHR handling and improving patient outcomes, to onboarding of new healthcare technologies that can be integrated into existing systems.

Staying abreast of new developments in the healthcare IT industry is now a major part of the industry, and AMA Networks can help you achieve your goals as well as meet stringent security compliance standards.

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San Diego Healthcare IT Security

As technology improves, more and more patient data is being kept on servers and online cloud storage.  Due to the sensitive nature of this data as well as the increasing desire of hackers to target this information it’s doubly important to ensure that all your IT systems are well within compliance.

AMA Networks offers San Diego and Southern California healthcare providers the latest in terms of IT security and systems integration.  With new threats emerging every day, it’s important to ensure that security remain a top priority for healthcare companies.

With a reliable managed IT partner to count on, you can focus on improving patient care and experience and worry less about data breaches.

Disaster Recovery For Healthcare

Disaster recovery is another key element for healthcare providers in the wake of ransomware attacks and data breaches.  Having an adequate data backup and recovery plan in place is critical to ensure seamless operation in the event of downtime.

No matter what type of IT system you currently have in place, AMA Networks can assess any weaknesses and work with you on the best and most cost-effective strategies in order to bolster backup systems and ensure that you have an adequate redundancy plan.

Patient Portals And Doctor/Patient Connectivity

Although security is of utmost importance, having good IT in place for better customer relations and business continuity is also key.  The healthcare industry is quickly catching up to other industries in terms of patient feedback, connectivity between doctors and patients, and online portals that can help integrate payments, communications, and feedback.  Don’t allow your healthcare business to fall behind in terms of new patient care technology.

“I was busy taking care of clients, so it made sense to bring in an expert.  When you have an employee in-house, a lot of the time they are limited to what is going on in that operation. I find that by bringing in an outside perspective, it adds diversity to the mix. You gain new ideas and new technologies,” says Jim Madaffer, CEO of Madaffer Enterprises.  Click here to read more about how having AMA Networks as a trusted managed IT resource helped free up valuable time for Madaffer Enterprises.

What Our Clients Say:

AMA Networks offered us great options that were cost effective and they had the quality of service that we needed. Everything is very organized and they have set us up to be very self-sufficient.
Jessa Spainhower
Operations Manager, Great Ecology
AMA Networks did an incredible job securely handling over 100 million dollars worth of sensitive data. Without any hesitation, we recommend their work.
Geno Rodriguez
Managing Director, E3 Advisors

Better Management Technology

Integrating better IT technology can boost your healthcare business to new heights.  Improve revenue cycles by streamlining administrative, scheduling, and billing processes–while at the same time making it easier for customers make appointments and make payments.

AMA’s secure data storage and encryption solutions comply with strict industry requirements. AMA’s IT Solutions for Healthcare includes:

  • HIPPA encryption requirements
  • Regular testing for penetration and security threats
  • Network security established and managed between multiple locations
  • Secure online patient portals
  • Medical record encryption and protection
  • Data backup and recovery
  • 24/7 Support

We help protect sensitive medical information data & streamline communication.

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