Server Virtualization San Diego

What Is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is the usage of specialized software to create multiple partitions or instances on a single server that then act as completely separate computers.  These partitions or “virtual machines” are able to run their own operating systems with their own unique settings. 

Before server virtualization existed, it was customary to run various applications separately on their own physical servers as each would need different configurations or simply its own machine to run smoothly.  However, this was a waste of resources and often led to overcrowded server rooms that used up a lot of power and space.

Maximize Your Power

Server virtualization is a way to maximize the processing power in your servers; it helps reduce the space and amount of hardware needed and offers several redundancy solutions to eliminate the danger of downtime.

Virtualization environments also make it extremely easy to back up, clone, and deploy new servers within minutes.  Something that used to take hours of IT time and thousands of dollars in new hardware costs can now be done quickly and easily.

server virtualization

What Our Clients Say:

AMA Networks is extremely proactive in offering advice and suggestions, as well as making everybody in our team comfortable with our software to work efficiently.
Nancy Cook
CFO, Douglas Wilson Companies
We’ve been searching for a smart, reliable, and trustworthy IT partner and we spoke to a lot of people. But AMA Networks was head and shoulders above the rest.
Jon Sandhaus
Founder, BlueVault

Is Server Virtualization A Good Solution For Your Business?

There are many advantages to the server virtualization infrastructure that could both enhance your business as well as reduce IT support and hardware costs.  If you’re still running an outdated data center then consider these advantages of virtualization technology:

Enhanced Disaster Recovery – Multiple instances of applications can be set up to run simultaneously so that if one physical server goes down, access to that application is not interrupted.  Data backup and recovery is also easier and faster.

Reduce IT Staff – Virtualized servers are much easier to maintain and monitor than their outdated counterparts.  Server management requirements are greatly reduced as well as the associated emergency calls with downed servers that could put businesses offline.  Reduced costs spent on IT add up fast.

Stronger Infrastructure – A virtualized environment is much more reliable and efficient.  With less hardware to maintain, the network is more streamlined.

Conserve Space And Hardware Costs – No need for racks and racks of servers – you can do more with less.  Energy savings are also significant with less machines running simultaneously.

Improve Scalability – The ability to reallocate hardware resources and quickly add more processing power can greatly improve scalability.  New virtual servers can be quickly cloned or deployed within minutes.

Server Virtualization Setup And Monitoring

AMA Networks specializes in helping businesses set up virtual servers that are secure, fast, and easy to maintain.  Whether you need help improving on an outdated server farm or simply need help getting a network installed for the first time, AMA Networks can offer a customized plan designed specifically for your business or organization. 

We offer 24/7 monitoring and support for any issues that arise.  If we cannot fix the issue remotely we have technical staff on hand that can respond on-site.

If you are a San Diego business looking to get set up with virtual servers, contact AMA Networks today for a free assessment!