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Having a good network management solution for your business is essential in today’s climate of ever-changing technology.  Downtime can cost money, and time lost to faulty servers or lost data adds up quickly.  However, ensuring that the network runs smoothly can take up a lot of resources.  Allowing an IT company to take over the role of network management can free up time, improve operational efficiency, and save your business money long-term.

AMA Networks’ affordable IT network management plans cover all 7 layers of the TCP/IP or OSI model. We understand how important it is to have an effective networking infrastructure in place for your organization, as network performance is critical to many imperative operations. This applies to the growth potential of small businesses looking to expand, as well as more established companies that want to gain an edge on the competition.

Cutting Edge Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is an important part of the network management process.  At AMA Networks, we employ monitoring tools that keep our clients aware of any changes to infrastructure that may affect business, such as software installations, hard drive space allocation, open ports, new devices, security threats, and internal/external connectivity.  In addition to monitoring and alerts, we provide troubleshooting solutions that ensure your bandwidth is free of extraneous activity which equates to expedient network processes and greater efficiency in all related workflows.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

With 24/7 service and monitoring, you can rest assured that your business won’t miss a beat, and in the event of any issues downtime will be greatly reduced.

AMA Networks’ network management and solutions program keeps your network infrastructure up and running at its optimal performance level.  Our network engineers are experts in firewall and router management for all standard and industry-leading manufacturers.   Feel free to contact us through the email or number below and we can begin putting your business on our network management support plan today.

Security Considerations

Network IT security is a top consideration for businesses in many industries such as health care, education, and government.  As more and more business is conducted online and through email, the risk of intrusion and data breaches goes up.  Ensuring that your network security is meeting industry standards and compliance is extremely important.  Don’t let a sub-par IT company leave you with holes in your network.  AMA Networks takes network management roles seriously, with security a major consideration from the beginning.

San Diego Network Management and Support

  • Data Cabling
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Security
  • Switching
  • Routing
  • Configuration
  • Network Management
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Maintenance

What Our Clients Say:

AMA Networks offered us great options that were cost effective and they had the quality of service that we needed. Everything is very organized and they have set us up to be very self-sufficient.
Jessa Spainhower
Operations Manager, Great Ecology
AMA Networks did an incredible job securely handling over 100 million dollars worth of sensitive data. Without any hesitation, we recommend their work.
Geno Rodriguez
Managing Director, E3 Advisors

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As a leading San Diego network management provider, AMA Networks is proud to offer companies a free network assessment of their IT systems and offer customized solutions for any IT related issues.  Customer satisfaction is our main goal.  Call today!