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Glen Ivy Golf Course

AMA Networks Case Study Series

Golfing Industry

Glen Ivy Golf Course - Case Study Series

About Glen Ivy Golf Course

Glen Ivy is an 18-hole public golf course in California. Bryan Addis has been the general manager for about a year and a half and he says they are heavily service oriented. They have a friendly staff on site that is well trained and he says their job is serving the public as they play golf. It’s a retail environment with a Point of Sale (POS) system; therefore technology is very important to the company.

Not only are they incredibly capable at what they do but they’re very professional and friendly.
Bryan Addis
General Manager, Glen Ivy Golf Course

The Challenge

Mr. Addis explained that they have multiple work stations so their POS system has to be maintained, as well as several different servers. “It’s outside the scope of what my capabilities as general manager are. I have a basic knowledge but I’m not trained in IT.” He knew they needed to hire an external company to handle their IT service. He says that although the golf courses are big, it’s a small market business as far as the staffing levels are concerned.

“We were having a lot of sever blackouts, problems with the internet, problems with the server not communicating with the POS system and more. When our POS system goes down we lose the capability of user transactions so there’s a lot more room for error when you’re manually swiping credit cards and handling cash.”

The Solution

Mr. Addis decided to hire AMA Networks because they came highly recommended by the owner of the property. “AMA Networks came in and immediately made an impact on our capabilities and the upkeep of our IT systems. We have been with them for almost two years and we are very happy with our service.” AMA Networks monitors their IT full time in case of an issue.

“The biggest thing is the capabilities in the remote access venues. The previous IT company we were with had to be on site but AMA Networks was able to fix a lot of our problems remotely without even having to leave their office. We had major server issues and they were able to communicate with the owner representative and help them understand the need for a new server and that alone solved a lot of issues that we were having.”

“We have definitely improved since hiring AMA Networks! Not only are they incredibly capable at what they do but they’re very professional and friendly. They understand business and the need to be operating as soon as possible if something goes wrong. Also, if you are a start-up business they can make sure that everything is set up and in place for you to be successful.”

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