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Douglas Wilson Companies

AMA Networks Case Study Series

Real Estate Development Industry

Douglas Wilson Companies - Case Study Series

About Douglas Wilson Companies

Douglas Wilson Companies provide a wide range of specialized business and real estate services to financial institutions, law firms, state and federal courts, property owners and similar entities throughout the United States. They offer business workout and problem resolution, asset management and disposition, real estate brokerage and development, residential and commercial construction management. Headquartered in San Diego, they have satellite offices in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

“AMA Networks has always delivered exceptional services to us. We have been using their IT management for 5 years now and are continuing with them on a retainer model. They are not just relatable, but they also have a great follow-through and always stay ahead of the IT curve as far as what’s new in the industry is concerned. AMA Networks is extremely proactive in offering advice and suggestions, as well as making everybody in our team comfortable with our software to work efficiently,” says Nancy Cook, Chief Financial Officer, Douglas Wilson Companies.

"AMA Networks has always delivered exceptional services to us. AMA Networks is extremely proactive..."
Nancy Cook
CFO - Douglas Wilson Companies

The Challenge

Douglas Wilson Companies had their IT infrastructure in place, but the hardware and software was nearing end of life cycle. Dealing with the top financial institutions and large corporations, demands them to take advantage of technological advancements and improve upon their own IT Security consistently.

The Solution

AMA Networks identified that the Douglas Wilson Companies were working around IT models which were slowly becoming old and would soon face the end of life cycle. Introducing improvements to the IT Security Policy by utilizing the highest encryption for both hardware and software, AMA Networks enhanced their existing IT infrastructure against all possible data leaks and unwanted intrusions.

“Our business requires us to keep all our computer equipment working well. AMA has been very responsive whenever we have an issue or a concern regarding IT services. They have managed to on-board not just the tech, but the non-tech people in our team as well. Their knowledge about the industry is definitely unmatched and discussions with AMA Networks continually adds to our knowledge about the IT industry,” continues Nancy.

With AMA Networks’ Managed IT Services, your business can enjoy the benefits of an in-house IT team without the financial and organizational downsides. Not only do we just manage your IT tasks in totality, we also keep all your mission-critical data secure with robust backup and recovery solutions.

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