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E3 Advisors

AMA Networks Case Study Series

Real Estate Management Industry

E3 Advisors - Case Study Series

About E3 Advisors

E3 Advisors is a firm that provides real estate management as well as problem resolution services, including receivership, forensic accounting and litigation support. Their team has collectively owned, managed and provided receivership services for over 250 assets throughout the country.

Geno Rodriguez, one of the firm’s Managing Directors has been with the firm for nearly 4 years.  Mr. Rodriguez explains that among other roles, the company often acts as a court appointed fiduciary.

"AMA Networks did an incredible job securely handling over 100 million dollars worth of sensitive data. Without any hesitation, we recommend their work."
Geno Rodriguez
Managing Director, E3

The Challenge

Because of the often time sensitive nature of their work, and projects that often start with many unknowns, it is extremely important for E3 Advisors to have reliable and secure managed IT. Mr. Rodriguez was looking for a company to handle their wide range of IT needs. “Our work is project based, and changes depending on the types of assets that we may be managing. When we first start a project, we often get very limited information, so we needed a short term consultant for specific project resolutions,” Mr. Rodriguez explained.

The Solution

Mr. Rodriguez hired AMA Networks because he had worked with them at a previous firm and knew they performed top quality service. “Working with a partner that has experience working under our constraints is very helpful. AMA Networks knows that sometimes we need to move immediately to respond to a Court Order, or jump into a project without having all of the information ahead of time. Flexibility is very important to us, and AMA has always been willing to work with us to find solutions to our IT problems.

AMA Networks recently worked with E3 Advisors on a project that required them to take possession of various SQL servers hosted in the Midwest. AMA was able to help E3 Advisors work with the hosting company to bring the files offline, image them, and then bring them back up in a VM Ware environment. This transition alone helped E3 Advisors reduce the monthly cost of hosting these files from over $10,000 a month to less than $2,000 a month. “AMA’s assistance on this one aspect of the project alone helped us save over $100,000 so far,” explained Mr. Rodriguez.

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