While many highly notable and renowned neighborhoods exist in the city of San Diego, there are several reasons that Old Town should be counted as among the most impressive and unique of all of them. With its history, events, organizations, and businesses, there’s no getting past the colorful and detailed makeup of Old Town that makes it everything it is.

For anyone interested in visiting the neighbor, or even just wanting to learn a little bit more about it, here is a short and simple guide for everything you should know about Old Town!

old town san diegoHistory

The rich and exciting history of Old Town and the role it’s played in San Diego’s own development is possibly one of the most fascinating aspects of the neighborhood. One important detail to remember is that Old Town is an original area of San Diego’s founding in 1769, so it has had a key influence in the course of the city’s growth.

Other significant historical milestones in the neighborhood’s development was the establishment of its public transit. This transition began in the 1910’s and its legacy can be felt in the city well into the present day.

Economy and Businesses

Moving over to the economy of Old Town, readers might be surprised at just how remarkable and successful the area’s economic organizations are in their day-to-day operations. Noteworthy examples of this include art galleries, a robust park system, restaurants, and specialty shops, as well as historic organizations and sites.

When all these factors are added together, they result in one of San Diego’s most interesting and thriving local economies with sectors ranging from private and local businesses to state-funded public works projects. A diverse range of economic activity is, in many ways, the lifeblood of Old Town!

Important Events

One of the most popular and generally known aspects of Old Town is that it is the home to many of San Diego’s most beloved and cherished events and celebrations. An especially strong example of this is the area’s annual Cinco de Mayo celebration, which acts as all of San Diego’s celebration for that holiday.

Additionally, there is an Old Town Art Festival that occurs every October and is home to spectacular and visually stunning works of art and creativity. The cultural heartbeat of Old Town can be found to a large extent its annual events, festivities, celebrations, and gatherings.

Notable Organizations

A large assortment of varied organizations exists in Old Town that makes it one of the most diverse and exciting parts of the entire city of San Diego. For instance, the Old Town Community Planning Committee is a well-established organization in the area that acts as an advising group on city issues (especially those related to land use).

The Save Our Heritage Organization is another influential nonprofit organization in the neighborhood that has worked to preserve historic landmarks and cultural sites in the city of San Diego. Other local organizations work in conjunction with these larger names to add a level of cultural and intellectual enrichment to Old Town that it might otherwise lack.