As the second most populous region of San Diego, North County has more than a few qualities to make it an attractive location for both visitors and those who live there. With a highly developed economic sector as well as a stunning and aesthetically pleasing geographic area, it comes as little shock to anyone that this region has proved time and time again to be among the most popular of San Diego’s locations.

Read through this quick and simple overview to get a feel for what makes North County such a magnetic and renowned destination!

north county san diegoHistory of North County

The historical record for North County is an exciting and intriguing glimpse into San Diego’s thrilling and colorful past. Established in (at the latest) the 1970’s, the area grew out of the unincorporated nature of much of San Diego county’s cities and towns.

However, in the 21st century, this area has proven resilient and historically significant, with a high rate of affluence and its attractive position among many of the top employers in the county. As a result, few would dispute that North County has played an influential role in San Diego’s development!

Demographic Overview

As mentioned previously, the demographics of the region are on the more affluent side, but this hasn’t prevented a degree of diversity and groups of people from all walks of life settling down in the area. For example, roughly a third of the jobs in North County are considered blue collar and there are sizable Hispanic and Asian populations, at 18% and 6% of the region’s total population respectively.

Nonetheless, the area does tend to be whiter, more college-educated, and wealthier on average than other parts of the county of San Diego. Despite this, the region has a great breadth of cultural diversity and significant artistic landmarks and institutions!

Popular Landmarks

For those interested in culturally significant landmarks and buildings, North County has plenty of choices to offer! One example of this is Lake San Marcos; an option that might prove to be an intriguing location for anyone who can’t get enough of California’s water-based aesthetic and activities.

Other notable landmarks in North County include Palomar Observatory, Oceanside Pier, Del Mar Racetrack, and Twin Peaks, Poway. Combine all these landmarks together and it quickly becomes apparent that this region has a cultural depth as rich as many of the other areas in the county.

Geography and Natural Landscape

Finally, the geographic and natural beauty of the North County area is a major draw for anyone who loves and admires the unique aesthetic of California nature. These geographic landscapes can most simply be divided into coastal (with cities such as Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Del Mar) and inland areas (that includes like Escondido, San Marcos, and Vista).

With the coastal areas of the region, there are flat lands and minor rolling hills with sandy beaches. Reefs with a rockier geographic layout are also sometimes prominent in these coastal cities, which can provide some nice variety to the landscapes.

Once you’ve seen all you can in North County the time has probably come to head back down towards the city.  On your way back to the airport you should stop by San Diego’s Old Town to take in the rich culture of the old time mexican eateries and shops.