AMA Networks Welcomes Rick Perlstein

Official Press Release from AMA Networks: San Diego CA  AMA NETWORKS would like to officially welcome Rick Perlstein as a Senior Cyber Security Engineer.  You may have heard some rumors that Rick retired, however that is not the case.  If you are receiving this email, it’s because you have done work with Rick in the […]

Ransomware Statistics: What Ransomware Can Cost Businesses

How Does Ransomware Work? The topic of ransomware has been huge in the last year, and public awareness of this once obscure method of cyber crime has peaked in recent months.  But how does ransomware work, and what exactly does it do? Ransomware is a malicious program or string of code that encrypts all the […]

Maintaining Data Security In Cloud Computing

data security in cloud computing

With more and more businesses and companies moving to cloud computing solutions it’s important to understand the basics of maintaining data security in cloud computing.  Hackers aren’t looking for financial and credit card information as much as they used to—they are looking to obtain sensitive data that they can hold for ransom.  Much of the […]

AWS Security Best Practices

aws security best practices

With the advent of Amazon’s cloud technology, it has become very easy for businesses to be more flexible and enhance the sharing and usage of files and applications.  However, there are certain things that companies need to be aware of when it comes to the security of the cloud.  According to security expert and writer […]

Tech Support Phone Scams Are Getting More Sophisticated

Think phone scams died off along with landlines?  Think again.  Phone scams are still alive and well, if not more so than in years past.  These scammers are now using specific knowledge acquired through hacking and weaving that personal information into their calls to seem more authentic to their victims.  And it’s working.  Phone scam […]

Why Is Cyber Security Important? Can You Be 100% Secure?

The Overall Increase In Cyber Security Necessities It seems like every year there is a new must-have security measure in place.  Whether it is changing your password every thirty days, or requiring a one-time authentication code, or mandatory two factor authentication for some websites, the IT security industry is constantly trying to outwit the cyber […]