Three Benefits Of Managed IT Services

benefits of managed IT services

Being a business owner often means that you’re wearing many hats.  However, if your business has an array of computers that all need to work together in sync, taking on the hat of doing your own IT support is probably not the best use of your time.  This is where the benefits of managed IT integration can come into play.

Managed IT services is a means of hiring a third party company and outsourcing the care and maintenance of your IT systems.  This can provide a wide range of benefits such as ensuring your systems are up to date, patched with the latest security measures, and properly backed up in the event of an emergency.

How can your business benefit from managed IT services?  Here are three big ways:

Managed IT Monitoring And Support Means Less Downtime

Having the right managed IT provider can be beneficial in that they will take a proactive approach to preventing disasters and emergencies before they happen.

By monitoring your network, problems will be caught before they become an issue, such as out of date security, patches that need to be installed for software, and servers that might be on the fritz.  Additionally, ensuring that a proper backup and recovery system is set up will provide a faster recovery in the event of a physical drive failure or breach of security.

Ensuring that your network has the proper protocol in place to prevent server downtime is very important in making sure that your systems remain up and running.  However, no computer or IT network is 100% free from the danger of physical breakage and malfunction; in the event of a server meltdown, having a properly set up backup and recovery system in place is priceless.  You could be back up within hours vs days.

Up To Date Security Protection From Ever-Changing Threats

Staying ahead of security threats is an ongoing task that requires staying on top of the news, ensuring the proper threat protections are in place, and making sure those threat protections are as up to date as possible.  This is difficult enough for a home computer with a single user.  But multiply that by the many computers and many users that many businesses employ, and it becomes much more complicated.

This is where a managed IT team can be extremely useful.  They are trained to know exactly how to properly set up a security solution for your business, and they have the dedicated task of keeping that security up to date.

There aren’t too many things worse for a business than experiencing a data breach.  Preventing these attacks is paramount to staying open for business as well as not losing important information or being held liable in a lawsuit.  With more and more important data being stored and transferred online, security breaches are now costing businesses and consumers billions annually.

When thinking about what to look for when choosing an IT support company, see if they have the proper certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Partner program.

Stay On Top Of Compliance Requirements

There’s enough to worry about when running a business, but with the ever-expanding complexities of IT requirements it can be too much for in-house IT staff.  Maintaining compliance with the various industry standards is an increasingly challenging task that will likely only get more and more difficult as technologies advance and change.

Ensuring that computer systems and processes are compliant with industry standards is a major concern for many medical offices, government and education systems, and brick and mortar stores.

For example, maintaining HIPPA compliance for a medical office can often consume a small IT staff, but with the right managed IT service this can be outsourced to a team that is trained and up to date on the latest in terms of any changes in policy as well as ensuring that old systems can keep up with the requirements for compliance.

No matter what your business needs in terms of IT services, AMA Networks provides San Diego IT support and managed services to a wide range of businesses and industries in the Southern California area.  Give us a call today to set up your free network assessment and start taking advantage of the benefits of managed IT services today!